Feb. 12th, 2013

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FULL NAME: Isabella
Unique nickname: Angela
Species (if something other than garden-variety human, include a name for your variant, in case there are multiple kinds): Angel (Jovah's)
Birthplace, including a unique name for your world that you make up: The Eyrie, Bethel, Samaria ("Samaria" unless this is a bad redundancy for some reason?)
Birth date: 13 Harvestmoon, y656
Parents' names: The angel Rinnah and the mortal man Charles Swan
Siblings?: One stillborn younger (mortal) brother, no living siblings
The story of your life: Born in the Eyrie to married parents, studied mostly music and history, spent a year each assisting the Archangel Linus and the Oracle Peninnah, met Micaiah when I returned to the Eyrie
Notable friends, allies, non-uses with keys to here: Micaiah is a (mortal) "alt" of "Kas" and "Alice" and I may give him a key. No one else would believe me.
Significant other info: Micaiah
Enemies we should watch out for?: I have no particular enemies (although Micaiah's father may come to qualify, depending) and any rivals I may acquire are unlikely to mistake wingless persons for me
Interesting resources, and, do you have a "mental opacity" power?: I can fly, and sing for weather, seeds, or medicine. I do not know what sort of "mental opacity" might be involved here.
Current project: I am cultivating my personal virtue to have the best chance possible of becoming Archangel and improving my world
Needs/wants?: No pressing needs at this time
What else should your alts know about you?: Please do not touch my wings (although this is not as urgent as Amariah's owl seems to be?). If I come here again a chair with a cutaway back or no back at all would be useful.


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