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Jokers being Jokers, there are a lot of different ways that could play out, but they do have some common threads.

- Lots of crying

- He'll try the star at some point

- If he lives long enough he will get around to higher-pointed coins even if he is not trying to get one specifically to resurrect Bella with it

- Libby is going to be wary of him at first, because he is unusually difficult to predict and that's not a good feature in a mint. It's possible that they could work it out, and it's also possible that one of them will end up dead. Probably not both. It's likelier to be Alice who ends up dead if anyone does, but nothing is set in stone here.

- Supposing he manages to get along with Libby, whole new vistas of coin availability open up before her eyes and when they get around to trying an evil on resurrecting Stella (which they eventually will), she finds the world in much better working order than it was when she left it. (If Libby figures Alice out well enough to let him live, she's going to give him the star secret, because Jokers are safer with it than without.)

- Hahahahaha and now I've just thought of what happens in that hypothetical eventuality when Libby encounters the Joker in Milliways. Um. Thaaaaaat's going to be interesting. I'm not even getting fine detail, I just know it'd be interesting.

- Supposing they come into conflict and Alice gets her before she can get him, he probably ends up settling into the role of Whimsical Trickster God for a while. Eventually he will either figure out the star secret by himself (possibly with Lazarus's help, if he meets Lazarus) or die of not having done that. Eventually, therefore, he will probably resurrect Stella. "Eventually" might be quite a long time in this continuity branch; he doesn't think of resurrecting her as an urgent thing, time-wise or priority-wise, after he has failed to do it with any available resource once and then spent a long while being sad about it afterward.

- In that continuity branch, when Stella wakes back up she finds that Alice has probably shifted forward one Joker-phase, maybe even two, looks correspondingly older, still loves her, and has gotten very comfortable in his capricious-minor-deity role.

- and then of course if Alice gets in a fight with Libby and loses, Stella probably never wakes up at all... unless, that is, Libby someday encounters Sandy and/or Anna (so she has access to evils eventually) and (before or after that) meets Elspeth at Milliways... :D
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