Date: 2014-01-01 06:27 am (UTC)
Okay, I've moved on to the Harley/Tab/Gift storyline. I was especially looking forward to re-reading this (along with a few other things, e.g. the whole Kas has a kid by himself arc), and it's not disappointing so far.

Things I caught:
-The Burning Man reference! Clever enough that I'm not going to spoil it here. Suffice it to say it makes me happy that you guys remember your own canon that well.
-Hyperion! Well, Endymion technically, I guess. I remember really liking those books when I read them a while ago. Have both of you read it?
-Some of the alts. The easy ones are Chelsa=Chelsea, Aelise=Libby, Anneia=Anna/Eights, Corona=Joker, Sandre=Sandy/Chainsaw, Kers=Chris (Libby's aunt). Then I think Demauri=Demetri (the tracker from Luminous)

Things I couldn't figure out (and would like the answers if they're available):
-Some of the alts (assuming they actually are alts). It really feels like I ought to be able to figure out Tima, Luhan, and Amdon, but I can't seem to match them to anyone. And then Pacco and Jony and Lionara are mentioned, but I don't know if they actually are alts of people.
-The identity of the child immune to Chelsa who Aelise had killed. It feels like I should be able to figure this out, but I haven't managed it. EDIT: Oh, I guess it's this, but more details would be welcome.
-How Aelise figured out that Harley could torch. Possibly related: who the reports Aelise is getting from the orbital ring (before either Tab or Harley is there) are from, though I guess this could just be generic surveillance stuff.
-If the old man in Milliways is important. I would normally assume no, but the remark about his daughter's name seemed suspiciously specific...

More general comments on the Harley stuff pre-Gift:
-You guys do outstanding dialogue for children! (e.g. greek deities) Not something I've ever been able to manage, so I'm jealous.
-I want to call out for particular praise the parts of the history channel where Harley is talking to the various half-vampires (Lily, Lindsay, Nicole, Henry, Oliver, Parker...). A lot of the interactions in Effulgence between protagonists and tertiary characters get super-monology--Bell or whoever has long paragraphs of stuff which is responded to with "Interesting" or "Yep" or "Okay." That doesn't happen in this sequence--it feels like all of these various characters have opinions and histories and existences when they're not on stage with the protagonists. I'd happily read threads on the day-to-day exploits of these people!
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