Date: 2013-12-13 07:33 am (UTC)
Next round of comments:

1. I notice that am confused by a sequence of events in the first interaction between Shell Bell and Juliet (around here. To recap, because I suspect I've read it much more recently than either of you: Shell Bell first meets Juliet immediately after minting Angela and giving her all of her high-powered coins, so she lacks a hex and thus can't immediately mint Juliet:

"Oh, oh damn, I gave Angela all my bigger coins, I don't have anything left for you - my Sherlock's not here, she went home, I can poke my head out and check for her but I think she'll be asleep -" [...] "I'll check. She might not have fallen asleep right away, but that's where Tony was when I tried to ask him if he wanted to come along to Angela's and she left before I did specifically to go see him and she can sometimes fall asleep really fast - and I only have triangles and squares and they're in the District house and the door's in the palace - and if she's asleep I can't get her without losing the door and Tony can only summon it sometimes and there's no guarantee I'll catch you on a second trip"

Sherlock turns out to be asleep, a square fails to have sufficient range to get the coins from the District house, and the matter is dropped.

But I'm confused. Why couldn't Sherlock get someone else (presumably Juliet) to hold the door open for her? Shell Bell doesn't need to spend coins to teleport, so she could go get the coins herself, or (better) go physically wake up Sherlock and get some new hexes...

Is there some rule that only people from a given world can hold the door open to that world? Otherwise I see no reason why this would not have worked. (I guess the reason could just be that it would have messed up the subsequent events in Juliet's plot, which depend strongly on her not yet having omnipotence. This is a fine reason, of course!)

2. I really like the Aegis-and-Sue-play-the-fantasy-game sequences!
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