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FULL NAME and UNIQUE NICKNAME and WORLD: Isabella Mariel Swan, "Aether", "Materia"
Species (name your variant, if your species name translates readily to an English word): Human
Birthplace and other residences: Forks, Blackwater, Magisteria, the Sphere; Magisterius University
Birth date: September 13, 220
Sexuality: Straight
Names and statuses of parents, siblings if applicable: Ranae Higgenbotham Swan, Charles Swan, divorced, both alive and well
Deviations from standard backstory: Ranae never remarried and I made it all the way to college without doing anything interesting
Significant other(s) - (nick)name(s), template(s): Celosia ("Celo"), a Joker
Child(ren) - names, ages, species: None
Friends of note - names, templates if applicable, characteristics: Nobody in particular
Mental opacity?: Defensively-oriented subtle artist ("psion", colloquially)
Coin color: Glowy purplish-grey
Local magic, tech, or other unique features?: Subtle artistry, some minor arcana - more freeform with more consciously-handled detail work than the standards but not as much power (unless I can cheat, now, what with my AWESOME AURA?)
Aura: Regular causality (one mile or line of sight, whichever is farther), "epic-level-ness"
World character (ask Glass, if your world is safe to visit; else guess based on examples): My world makes Glass puke because of the irregular causality problem. She says it's also, "Perverse - in the more literal sense - kind of sex-obsessed. Weird. It's not so much mean as it is casually destructive - the universe isn't out to get you but there are a hell of a lot of places you could stand where you'd get stepped on."
(Tentative) intended approach: I don't even know, I think I might actually finish college, a pentagon on subtle artistry helps but not by as much as actual practice does. But I'm going to stop being so damn timid.
Checklist items: Everything except the Materia Janepoint; I haven't been home yet and don't know where I can safely put one anyway.
Other: I'm technically in college to learn to be a therapist, so, I'm probably better than a randomly chosen person at that and I can steer away from anything you don't want me looking at (if I can get a read on you at all).
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