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FULL NAME and UNIQUE NICKNAME and WORLD: Isibel, "Sarion", Thilanushinyel
Species (name your variant, if your species name translates readily to an English word): Elf, "Leafstar"
Birthplace and other residences: Silverbranch, Elven Lands
Birth date: 13 Mistrising, 1987
Sexuality: Straight (and soul-sympathied, so this should not be of general interest)
Names and statuses of parents, siblings if applicable: Rania and Cariel are happily married and live in Silverbranch; no siblings
Deviations from standard backstory: No divorce, no move until I went on an expedition to my beloved's island; met them there, then learned I was meant to save the world with them
Significant other(s) - (nick)name(s), template(s): Aianon-and-Ansharil (mostly, for practical reasons, the former), a Joker
Child(ren) - names, ages, species: None
Friends of note - names, templates if applicable, characteristics: Liselen, a unicorn of no template; Magania, an elf of no template
Mental opacity?: None native; it is part of my aura now
Coin color: Parchment-color with inkspots
Local magic, tech, or other unique features?: Elven magery (which I practice) and the elven small magics (which I also practice); Wild Magic; High or War Magic; the native magical properties of dragons, unicorns, and other races. Low technology.
Aura: Mindscape protection, "elfiness"
World character (ask Glass, if your world is safe to visit; else guess based on examples): "I would describe this world as being helplessly addicted to being mean and trying repeatedly to stop. It's reasonably exploitable, so perhaps it can, this time. Flavored similarly to Chronicle and RĂªverie."
(Tentative) intended approach: I have not decided yet, but I have a nice enchanted village on the island.
Checklist items: Yes
Other: While I do not mind, elves in general do not ask or like to be asked questions outside of dire emergencies. Thilanushinyel magic has a history of behaving unpredictably around peal magic; please consult Liselen before trying anything significant in my world or that interacts with magic from my world.
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