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FULL NAME and UNIQUE NICKNAME and WORLD: Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, "Golden", "Aurum"
Species (name your variant, if your species name translates readily to an English word): Vampire (diamond)
Birthplace and other residences: Forks; Phoenix; various Golden Empire capital sites
Birth date: September 13, 1987
Sexuality: Straight, not that this is relevant to anyone except my husband
Names and statuses of parents, siblings if applicable: Standard names. Renée followed the standard script but ultimately divorced Phil when a vampire mated to him and he liked her; she is presently single, as is Charlie. I consider several of my husband's adoptive family to be siblings to me (Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett) and Esme and Carlisle are also close, as are all these people's children.
Deviations from standard backstory: None until the divergence point in Forks.
Significant other(s) - (nick)name(s), template(s): Edward, no duplicates so far.
Child(ren) - names, ages, species: Elspeth Annarose Cullen, currently thirty
Friends of note - names, templates if applicable, characteristics: The aforementioned family; there's also numerous staff. Jane can supply a full personnel list if desired; one highlight is Elspeth's wolf Jacob Black. Only Jasper has found an alt so far (mine is nicknamed Jazz, the other Whitlock).
Mental opacity?: Yes, witchcraft augmented by vampirism.
Coin color: Glowy gold
Local magic, tech, or other unique features?: More advanced than standard tech, though nothing like Peace. Witchcraft, uncommon in humans and wolves, slightly more common in vampires and hybrids. Nothing natively amenable to scaling. The vampires, werewolves, and same's habits of mating/imprinting is unique and worth noting; if you visit, consult Alice first about whether this will happen to you.
Aura: "Vampireyness", fine shield control.
World character (ask Glass, if your world is safe to visit; else guess based on examples): "This world has some special connection to the Bell template but I don't have any more detail on how. It's natively mean, but exploitable."
(Tentative) intended approach: Nothing tentative or intended about it; my empire has been going for decades now. My slow-reveal approach worked very nicely and projections suggest it will be time to officially drop the masquerade in some five to ten years, after which I'll implement a public dead-people-processing solution.
Checklist items: Yes
Other: Please do not give offworld magic to the Imperial Factotum, Addy, however she may wheedle.
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