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FULL NAME and UNIQUE NICKNAME and WORLD: Campbell Mark Swan, "Cam", "Syntropy"
Species (name your variant, if your species name translates readily to an English word): Human
Birthplace and other residences: Forks and Phoenix as standard, though I never moved back to Forks
Birth date: September 13, 1987
Sexuality: Bisexual, totally on board with propositions from random people
Names and statuses of parents, siblings if applicable: As standard except my Renée never met that Phil guy
Deviations from standard backstory: I'm a boy, and I became a wizard when I was 14 and went from there
Significant other(s) - (nick)name(s), template(s): Jellybean, a Joker
Child(ren) - names, ages, species: Nope
Friends of note - names, templates if applicable, characteristics: Tilly, a Matilda; Luke, my student (...we should check to see if he's an alt of Rose's guy, that looks suspicious to me)
Mental opacity?: Yes, as a native wizard-affinity
Coin color: Glowy silver
Local magic, tech, or other unique features?: Wizarding (let's call my kind Speech wizards); standard tech; assorted Powers with whom I am deeply unimpressed; some non-Downside afterlife I haven't felt confident about poking yet
Aura: Truthiness (it does work if I lie unlike Elspeth, I tested it, but I basically don't ever do that, which is probably why I got the aura; it does not make anyone inclined to take me literally if I'm sarcastic or tell a fictional story) and understanding-seeming-ness
World character (ask Glass, if your world is safe to visit; else guess based on examples): "This world thinks it's long-term-nice, but it's not really. I don't have a good feeling about the afterlife situation."
(Tentative) intended approach: Motivated capitalism was already underway; I'm juicing that up, layering a lot of defenses on everything I can think of, and basically waiting for Iggy to get annoyed and try something because I have no freaking clue how powerful it is
Checklist items: Yes
Other: Grace is my mindscape; don't handle her.


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