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FULL NAME and UNIQUE NICKNAME and WORLD: Bell Swan, "Shell Bell", "Atlantis"
Species (name your variant, if your species name translates readily to an English word): Human
Birthplace and other residences: Pearl Beach, District Four, Panem; Victor's Village, District Three, Panem; Coral Palace, Atlantis
Birth date: September 13, y53 (Panem years; Jane says that based on astronomy this was 2308 relative to the typical Earth calendar)
Sexuality: Straight, with a special-circumstances-based exception for my Sherlock
Names and statuses of parents, siblings if applicable: Ranae Swan (née Haien) and Sharles "Shark" Swan (happily married)
Deviations from standard backstory: Parents still married; found Milliways once or twice a year from age six; worked at a young age on a clam boat; substandard formal education; called as Hunger Games tribute but didn't have to go; met my Sherlock in Milliways
Significant other(s) - (nick)name(s), template(s): Sherlock (Pearl), and Tony (Screwdriver)
Child(ren) - names, ages, species: None at this time
Friends of note - names, templates if applicable, characteristics: None from Atlantis, but I was the first Bell to meet Wellspring Matilda
Mental opacity?: None native
Coin color: Mother-of-pearl
Local magic, tech, or other unique features?: Nonmagical world. Advanced tech in some areas, especially biological stuff, but unevenly distributed.
Aura: Water and Milliways doors
World character (ask Glass, if your world is safe to visit; else guess based on examples): "Mean, but in a contingent way that should blow over soon"
(Tentative) intended approach: I'm stable at this point, I just need to get a good program for dead-person-reintegration up and running.
Checklist items: Yes
Other: Please take particular care to avoid putting me in contact with the "Voice" (Jokers' younger brothers) template in any instance.


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