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FULL NAME: Isabella Mariel Swan
Unique nickname: Glass
Species (if something other than garden-variety human, include a name for your variant, in case there are multiple kinds): Human
Birthplace, including a unique name for your world that you make up: Tines, Linderwall, "Chronicle"
Birth date: 13 Yellow, 103 years after the coronation of King Kazul of the Dragons
Parents' names: Ranata Higgenbotham Swan and Charles "Charlie" Swan
Siblings?: None
The story of your life: Born in Tines, parents divorced when I was four, moved with Ranata to Phoenix, Linderwall, went to a magnet school for magic at age 12 and couldn't settle on a focus, was eventually pressured into a double focus in witchcraft and sorcery with five peripherals (combinatorial magic, theoretical wizardry, elven magic, dragon magic, and artificing) and graduated at 15, moved to the Enchanted Forest and got a cat "Cricket" and proceeded with self-study, met my wives at age 19, married them (Sherlock first) and moved into the castle, had three children
Notable friends, allies, non-uses with keys to here: Sherlock and Tony, Kanim, Marianne
Significant other info: Sherlock and Tony
Enemies we should watch out for?: Orthodox wizards
Interesting resources, and, do you have a "mental opacity" power?: Most kinds of Chronicle magic; I don't think I have mental opacity (and my coins don't glow). If you want an aura fast, you can dump enchanting power into the Forest at a high rate without much risk of concentration loss.
Current project: Why is this still a category at this point? What does anybell do when pealed? (I'm thinking a Rose-style approach, if that's what this is asking. NO, I AM NOT GOING TO USURP MY MOTHER-IN-LAW.)
Needs/wants?: I think I'm more of a magic geek than the rest of us, I will want to collect even relatively obscure and impractical forms that are available.
What else should your alts know about you?: I have a useful aura party trick. (Why isn't 'aura features' an entry here? I declare it an entry.)
Aura: I can see magic (without automatic interpretation like Lazarus has, but I have a lot of preexisting practice with Chronicle forms and will learn the others as fast as I can); and I can discern indistinct things about templates, attractors, what I'm loosely calling "metacausality".
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