Apr. 27th, 2013

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Unique nickname: Sarion
Species (if something other than garden-variety human, include a name for your variant, in case there are multiple kinds): Elf (Leafstar)
Birthplace, including a unique name for your world that you make up: Silverbranch, Elven Lands, Thilanushinyel
Birth date: 13 Mistrising, 1987
Parents' names: Rania and Cariel
Siblings?: None
The story of your life: Born in Silverbranch, grew up there unremarkably, invited along to a potential colony island as a practitioner of the small magics, encountered my beloved there. Sensed possible Bond with dragon, left due to mindreading side effects. Was notified on return from expedition that I had to bond with a dragon to save the world. Studied hyperfocus so as to be able to accomplish anything while crumbling, then did so. Dissipated over the next year and a half and then encountered Brilliance, later Kas and Petaal, in Milliways and was pealed and patched.
Notable friends, allies, non-uses with keys to here: My beloveds
Significant other info: Currently none; I cannot determine whether I have a soul-sympathy with my beloved until my thoughts are more sorted out
Enemies we should watch out for?: Not presently
Interesting resources, and, do you have a "mental opacity" power?: I am an Elfmage, which is apparently not trivial to duplicate by wishing. I have no mental opacity natively.
Current project: Putting myself back together.
Needs/wants?: The routine check-ins are much appreciated.
What else should your alts know about you?: I in particular do not object to being asked questions, but do not ask them myself; you may choose to treat it as a question if I announce my ignorance on a topic. Other elves will consider it rude if you ask them questions.


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