Apr. 5th, 2013

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FULL NAME: Campbell Mark Swan
Unique nickname: Cam
Species (if something other than garden-variety human, include a name for your variant, in case there are multiple kinds): Human
Birthplace, including a unique name for your world that you make up: Forks, WA, United States, Earth, "Syntropy"
Birth date: September 13, 1987
Parents' names: Renée Higgenbotham Swan (who is this Dwyer character yours keep marrying?) and Charles "Charlie" Swan
Siblings?: None
The story of your life: Standard except for being a boy till I was 14 and got hit on the head with a wizard's manual. Started learning the Speech, survived murder attempt by some local bad news with Jellybean and Matilda's help, started a company to sell augmented seeds and improve food security.
Notable friends, allies, non-uses with keys to here: Jellybean, Matilda, maybe Luke later, maybe Jenny, I'll have to think about it
Significant other info: Jellybean, he's a Joker apparently
Enemies we should watch out for?: Iggy, the aforementioned local bad news, AKA "the lone power"
Interesting resources, and, do you have a "mental opacity" power?: There's the Speech, I'm a wizard, I don't know if you can wish up wizarding but you can learn the Speech fine I assume, and I have a native affinity for mental shielding but I don't know how heavy-duty it is
Current project: Well, I was trying to pull a Norman Borlaug, but pulling a Bell sounds like a much better idea now I can get at all the cool swag
Needs/wants?: Don't know yet
What else should your alts know about you?: Apparently it's unusual that I'm bisexual? Also, my notebook is a person, be nice to her.


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