Mar. 30th, 2013

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FULL NAME: Belle Marie Cygne
Unique nickname: Rose
Species (if something other than garden-variety human, include a name for your variant, in case there are multiple kinds): Human
Birthplace, including a unique name for your world that you make up: Les Fourches, Callia, Terre, "Rêverie"
Birth date: September 13, 1722
Parents' names: Renée Herriot Cygne (deceased) and Charles "Charlie" Cygne
Siblings?: None
The story of your life: Born in Les Fourches, Renée died when I was six, when I was 17 Charlie went missing in the neighboring forest and I went looking for him and was trapped in an enchanted castle until I could fall in love with the occupant, Beast, and break the curse; we married and created a castle of our own and I studied enchanting
Notable friends, allies, non-uses with keys to here: Beast; my student Luc
Significant other info: Beast is my husband
Enemies we should watch out for?: Not living ones
Interesting resources, and, do you have a "mental opacity" power?: I am an accomplished enchantress, which confers upon me aura; I can invent spells approximately at whim, but casting and maintaining control of large spells requires a channel
Current project: I have taken on a student and may acquire more, and now that I have finished learning the magic in the books I have I will be interested to broaden my focus
Needs/wants?: After Aegis helped heal the damage to Beast's mind I am quite content
What else should your alts know about you?: I can suppress the aura, if it discomfits anyone.


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